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2D Animation & Explainer Video

Animation explainer videos are helping businesses in explaining features and benefits of products and services to customers, training employees, and promoting brand and values. At Bizbee Technologies, we will help you convey the features and benefits of your products and services, educate your target audience, and promote your brand and values with high-quality custom explainer videos.

What We Can Do For You?

We have a big team of creative artists and a full-fledged studio where we create awesome animated videos to convey your ideas, concepts, and business to your target audience. We incorporate amazing 2D graphics to create compelling demo videos, animated videos, and interactive videos. Whether you want to create corporate videos, marketing videos, training videos, etc. to promote your business, educate customers, and training programs for employees, we are the best animated explainer video company in India.

Why choose us?

We have process specific to you. If you are looking for a solution to generate more sales, automate customer support, or build an effective employee training program, choosing the right company can make or break the solution You can collaborate with our creative director and in-house artists for creating compelling videos. We have a unique scripting process that gurantees amazing video advertisements for clients.Our in-house artists are skilled in drawing simplistic figures and complex realistic sketches to create a visual delight with whiteboard animation. Our full-studio team creates eye-popping and brain-stimulating videos that persuade target customers to take action. With our videos, you can have leads that are ready to buy, better-trained employees, and customers who can understand your products and service easily.

Our Process

Creating high-quality custom explainer videos is not an easy task. It requires a skilled team of graphic artists, illustrators, animators, sound engineers, and many more. Plus, the production of videos also takes several weeks. But don’t worry, we are there for you. Our unique three steps process makes these complex tasks easy.

Online Meeting:To know your business well and understand what you want to convey, we will schedule an online meeting. Everything necessary to start the project such as the objective of the video, the target audience, and data collection are cleared in this step. When all the specifics are clear, we build a rough script and send it for your approval. A list of voice over channel to select the perfect speech for the animated character is also sent with the script. After you approve the script and voice over, we then proceed to the next step.

Storytelling: Our creative head with the studio team brainstorm on how to convey your message to the target audience in an appealing manner. Whatever the video is going to feature, we build a visual representation for that with story boarding. Once the story board is developed, we design style frames. We use the same images created in the story board to see how the video will turn out after finishing it. Just like the step 1, the finished work of this stage is also sent for your approval. Once you approve the motion graphics, color pallet, and character design, we move to the next stage.

Animation: In this stage, our in-house artists create illustrations matching to the story. These illustrations are then used for creating smooth 2D animation to bring the story to life. To make the animation engaging, we add custom music and sound effect. During any of these steps, if you feel any correction is needed to enhance the video, we add it with some adjustment in the budget. So don’t’ wait and contact us today to make your own videos and reap the benefits for long.

Our Other Services

If you are still wondering why to choose us over other 2d Animation And Explainer Video in India, give a call to know what difference we can bring to your business.