Posted on November 26, 2018 in Digital Marketing

5 Important Reasons Why Whatsapp For Business Is Important For Your Company’s Growth

Facebook has recently introduced WhatsApp Business to help small-business owners stay connected with their customers. If you are into business, know why WhatsApp Business is important for your company's growth.:

Marketing Promotion: With WhatsApp Business you can send your clients new offers, product releases, as well as promo codes, and other interesting information pertaining to your business.

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Improves communication with teams and customers :Creating teams and sharing vital data across multiple departments is easy, fast, and convenient with WhatsApp Business tools. You can also just drop a message to your customers, and get a response for the same.

Customer Support: Your customers can drop a text and register any complaint or grievance on your WhatsApp Business profile. They don't have to dial a toll-free number and waste their time from listening to a recorded message, and dialing a set of numbers. This will encourage them to engage more with your business.

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Updating order status :You can relieve customers' curiosity by sending their order status and order tracking links on WhatsApp business. This way, they can stay updated and feel relaxed about their transaction is in process.

Sending reminders:Checking WhatsApp is one thing that people don't miss. You can utilize this daily regime of your customers by sending reminders about new services or product launch, payment due, or anything important for your business.

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