Posted on November 14, 2018 in Digital Marketing

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Google AdWords

Google Adwords is a Google product that helps online businesses advertise themselves online by placing image or banner ads, mobile text ads, and in-page video ads. With Adwords, you can Get Your Business In Front of The Audiences Who Matter The Most. You control the budget and decide where your ads appear — locally, regionally, and nationally.

Google Adwords Enables you to Reach Your Local Customer, Reliably: One of the handiest features of Google AdWords is the ability to target your ads to specific locations and demographics. You can target your audience and geographical area according to your business.

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Google Adwords Enables you to Reach Your Customer When They Want Your Product or services : In Google Adwords, you are advertising for people who need your service or product. It’s not like a TV commercial which comes on at any time and irritates you. When a person is searching for a plumbing service near him in Google search, ads appear with exact services that he was looking for, and response to these types of ads is better than to the usual advertising ways.

Google Adwords Enables you to Follow Your Customer with Retargeting:We’re all familiar with visiting a site, leaving, then seeing ads for the company or products you browsed on later internet sessions. Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to boost sales.

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Google Adwords Enables you to Choose, and Optimize, Where your Ad is Seen: In Google Adwords, you have the power to choose the Device (Mobile/ Desktop/ Tablet) and Platform (Youtube/ Google search engine/ Mobile apps/ Other websites etc.) for your ads. You can run multiple kinds of ads from the same Google Ads account.

Pay-per-Click: The advertiser only pays when a User actually reaches his website, it can be good value for money. You can choose to spend as much or as little as you like. When using pay per click advertising you are charged per user that clicks on your advertisement.

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