Posted on October 8, 2018 in Digital Marketing

6 reasons why LinkedIn marketing is important for your business today!

Marketing is the cornerstone of having a successful business. This is especially true for the digital age that we find ourselves in. Digital marketing is how the world connects with itself and is one of the chief ways in which a business can connect with its potential customers. Thus is the true utility of Google and Facebook to businesses. Arguably the best utility, then, for businesses is the site LinkedIn which was set up primarily to connect the professional lives of people and companies with one another just as Facebook tries to primarily connect the personal lives of people. Here are 6 reasons why LinkedIn marketing is important for your business today:

Linkedin is the best for B2B product or services. You can build a connection through Linkedin, which help you in your business. You can do paid advertising to reach your potential dealers, business developers, and many other people which help you to expand your business. The best part of LinkedIn is, you will find targeted people at right time. Take a look at the following information to learn more.

Most important for B2B marketing: LinkedIn is more useful than even Facebook when it comes to tending B2B needs. Close to 41% of surveyed business owners said that LinkedIn was their first choice for B2B interaction while only about 30% said that their number one choice was Facebook. Than number is bound to increase in LinkedIn’s favour as the site keeps growing and diversifying.

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Launching products and recruiting talent: Nothing compares to the power and reach (and results) of LinkedIn if you have a product to launch. Over 80% of product launches for the B2B community took place on LinkedIn and being a portal where the economic and commercial value of a product is better understood, it seems only logical that LinkedIn will be the place to launch such products. Moreover, LinkedIn has seen a steady geometric increase in the people who get recruited from their site and this number is likely to grow.

Increases Brand Visibility: LinkedIn markedly increases a brands visibility, naturally. Besides that, the people who are reached out to through LinkedIn are all professionals who can see value (or its lack) in a brand. Thus, visibility as well as the prospect oif attracting new businesses, bot increase. LinkedIn Marketing is the best method to increase B2B connection in your sector.

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No filtered feed: : The feed on a LinkedIn page, unlike on Facebook, is not filtered at all. Thus there is no algorithm to determine who gets to view what you have posted or how often. This does not guarantee that when you post, your audience will be on LinkedIn to view it. Experts propose posting at least 20 times within a month to be able to reach at least 60% of your target. Thus the algorithm for posting is absolutely up for you to make while the site simply post what you want, when you want.

Content Distribution King: That title goes to LinkedIn and there is absolutely no other site that can distribute content like LinkedIn can. In fact it ranks above twitter, Facebook and even Google+ when it comes to content distribution. Perhaps that is why more than 90% B2B companies choose LinkedIn to distribute their content.

 Best Digital Marketing company in pune
 Best Digital Marketing company in pune

Lead Generation:Again, in this regard, LinkedIn comes in first with an almost 3 times greater lead generation rate than Facebook and almost 4 time greater rate than twitter.The best Part of LinkedIn is you can generate the best quality leads.