Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? With digital marketing, you can now build your online presence and reach out to people in a multiplied way. How is this different from print or offline media? Well, it is not just different - it is bigger and better! With digital marketing, you can flash your brand message with customized content to suit a number of platforms where you target audience may be found. With a large repository of tools, technologies and ever changing trends, you can never go wrong with digital marketing! Rich experience and a constant inflow of ideas for standing out, is what sets Bizbee apart in the world of digital marketing. E Commerce stores, webpages, blogs, social media pages and so much more come together right here. The Bizbee Toolkit for Digital Marketing helps you in reaching out to people who can become your ideal customers. To know more about how we help you do business online by reaching your target audience and engaging with them, take a look at our tools below.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an often heard, often repeated term that can be used for great benefits. When you indulge in SEO, your brand gets heard and gets a ranking as well.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO and SEM are two separate areas - just a quick fact for you! While SEO deals with the optimization of everything that you already have on your page, SEM or Search Engine Marketing helps you in developing a targeted marketing and advertising plan that will bring people back to your website or E Commerce store.

Social Media Optimization

Did you know that your social media pages also emanate SEO signals now? Every brand worth its salt is now on social media with a brand page that talks about the business and its prospective customers.

E Mail Marketing

How do you retain your customers and keep motivating your prospects? Simple - you create an email campaign! An email is a great way to tell your customers what you have been up to.

Content Marketing

In today’s world of online buying and selling, you need to impress the importance and quality of your brand by establishing yourself as an authentic voice in your niche.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is the focal point of all our activities when it comes to your digital marketing tool kit. We ensure that we create the right basis with a strong use of analytics and keywords so that there are likes, shares, clicks and a large reach.

Online Reputation Management

With digital marketing, you need to closely watch out for any negative signals and you need to continually play up the positive ones. Accordingly, we have created a parallel function called online reputation management so that we can do justice to the tone and brilliance of your overall brand message.

Add On

There are a number of other ways in which you can optimize your brand reach, including mobile apps and messaging platforms like WhatsApp.