Posted on May 1, 2019 in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends To be Followed in 2019

Digital marketing is a two decade old field, that is literally unraveling before us as we speak. The evolution of this field has been a tremendous one in terms of technologies, tools and trends. Starting from ad words to social media posts and even video marketing, we have travelled far to make a mark in various other ways so as to reach our perfect customers. So what are the digital marketing trends facing us as we prepare to step into 2019? Here is a quick list by the top digital marketing company in Pune

As we all know people are moving towards video and Audio format from text content. This is the best chance to build an audience with Podcast and video content. You just need to be prepared about what you want to speak and How to record a video. People like to consume video content from the last 2 years., and in 2020 70% people prefer to watch the video out of 100 peoples according to the survey. So, start creating videos and podcasts to become a good brand in the industry in the next 2 years. But you need to do this with consistency. If you do not maintain consistency, you will lose your target customers and face a problem to build regular customers. Take a look at following trends to learn more.

Smart Speakers: We will now have to create digital marketing campaigns in way that helps optimize on searched conducted via smart speakers and home management systems that use voice control. We are not merely talking about regions and accents here, but also specific keywords that narrow down the searches and help in throwing up the most relevant ones for people living in that area. Search engines will soon be looking to use only those businesses that cater to such keywords.

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Video: If you ask any digital marketing company in Pune, you will be informed that the role of video in the digital marketing gamut has grown to huge levels and is here to stay. Coming up with live feeds that integrate videos for webinars and online discussions in only the tip of the iceberg, even as brands are now looking to create entire web series that will help feature information in their niche. Entertainment and information go hand in hand here, even as the role of video is poised to go even more mainstream in the times to come.

Chat Bots: Your digital marketing company in Pune will always insist on bringing in a chat box that directly links to your inbox or phone number so that you are able to start a conversation with your customer or prospect from the instant he or she lands on your website. Now, one is also expected to have chat bots showing up on landing pages so that there can be a direct query addressable platform for brands and their prospective customers.

Digital Marketing Trends
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Integration of Social Media with Other Platforms: Integrating social media with E Commerce has become the norm, and this will only continue to grow, as per the best digital marketing company in Pune. The point here is to be posted so that the analytics and insights on all these platforms reflect well on your overall SEO. This means that you will not be able to ignore even a single social media platform since they all now conform to and contribute to the SEO signals that your name and digital signature send out.

In order to tap into these trends and to stay abreast with the changing technology, you will need to do plenty of research and go to a good digital marketing company in Pune. Ensure that you are able to engage with developers, and designers in a company like this so that you can optimize your web presence!