Bizbee Wallet

  1. What is Bizbee Wallet?

Bizbee Wallet is a digital payment solution that allows you to receive Refunds as well as other promotional credits from Bizbee. The Bizbee Wallet balance (comprising any Refunds received as well as any Bizbee Credits) can then be used to make purchases on Bizbee.

  1. How does Bizbee Wallet work?

The Bizbee Wallet is extremely easy to use. Any balances in your Bizbee Wallet can be used to seamlessly purchase any items listed on the Bizbee site without restrictions. If there is a balance in your account, it will automatically get applied to any orders you wish to place and you need not take any additional steps.

  1. How can I add funds into my Bizbee Wallet?

Money or credits can be added into your Bizbee Wallet in one of the following ways:

  • You may choose to take refunds of returned items into your Bizbee Wallet. These will show up in the Refunds section.
  • On certain occasions you may receive cashback or other promotional credits. These will show up in the Bizbee Credits section.

Please note that there no provision to add funds into your Bizbee Wallet outside of these methods.

  1. How do I check my wallet balance?

You need to sign in to your Account on the Bizbee site and then go to the My Account section. Here, in the My Wallet tab you can check your wallet balance. The amount received via refunds and any promotional credits will appear separately, while the total balance (which is the sum of the two) will also be visible. You will also be able to track see your wallet transaction history.

  1. Can I check my Bizbee Wallet transaction history?

Of course! Just sign in to your account on Bizbee and navigate to the My Wallet tab found on the My Account page. In addition to finding your Wallet balance, you will also be able to view all the transactions that you made using your Wallet balances.

  1. How do I use the Bizbee wallet balance?

Using your Bizbee Wallet balance is really easy! Once you have added the items you wish to purchase to your cart, if there is any amount available in your Bizbee Wallet, then it will automatically be applied and the amount you finally pay will be lower to the extent that your Wallet balance has been used. Please note that no more than 25% of a carts value can be redeemed using Bizbee Credits. For example, if your cart is worth ₹ 1000 after you applied a coupon, you can pay up to ₹ 250 using your Bizbee Credits. This restriction does not apply to Refunds in the Bizbee Wallet. You need not to take any explicit action to use balances available in your Bizbee Wallet!

Note: A small portion of the overall cost incurred by Bizbee in providing promotional credits to customers is recovered while they are redeemed.

  1. Can I use Bizbee wallet to make purchase on any other website or redeem it in my bank account?

No! Your Bizbee Wallet balance can exclusively be used and redeemed on the Bizbee Website or App. Also, Bizbee Wallet balances cannot be redeemed to cash or be transferred to your bank account or 3rd party wallet account. Finally, your Bizbee Wallet balance is for your exclusive use only and cannot be transferred to another users account.

  1. If I use Bizbee Credits to place an order and then request a refund, will the Credits get refunded too?

Your Bizbee Wallet contains two types of balances i.e. your Refunds balance and Bizbee Credits. Bizbee Credits are like promotions and expire once used. Therefore, if you place an order where Bizbee Credits were used, and you request a refund, the amount refunded will not include the Bizbee Credit amount. To illustrate this better Say you purchased an item worth ₹ 5.000/- where 1,000 Bizbee Credits were used. Since each Bizbee Credit is worth Re. 1/- your total paid amount in this case is ₹ 4,000/- and accordingly, the amount refunded will also be ₹ 4,000/-

  1. Can my Bizbee Wallet balance expire?

Every credit transaction into your Bizbee Wallet comes with an expiry date and time, at which any remaining portion of that particular transaction will expire. Expiry dates differ by types of balance. For any Refunds Balance in your Bizbee Wallet, the expiry time is 3 years from the time the amount is credited to you. For Bizbee Credits on the other hand, the expiry durations will vary and typically be much shorter since Bizbee Credits function like promotions. You will be able to see a corresponding expiry date for each type of balance. Lapsed balances cant be reactivated, so do ensure that you use the amount before expiry!

  1. Can I pay using a combination of my Bizbee Wallet balance and other payment methods?

Of course! You may use other online payment methods available to pay along with your Bizbee Wallet. To make things easier, the money shall be deducted from your Bizbee Wallet first (basis expiry date) and any remaining amount can be paid through other available online payment methods.

  1. Can I decide how much I pay from my Bizbee Wallet and the rest from other payment methods?

We’ve made things really simple for you! If you have an available balance (up to 25% of the cart’s value can be paid with Bizbee Credits) in your Bizbee Wallet, then it will be used first i.e. the order value will first be taken from Bizbee wallet and the remaining order value, if any, can be paid using other available online payment methods.

  1. Can I decide to not pay through Bizbee wallet, even if I have amount available for the order?

If you have an available Bizbee Wallet balance, then it will always, automatically be used while placing an order.

  1. If I have used Bizbee Wallet as a payment option, how do I get a refund if order is cancelled?

For any cancelled order, the amount that was originally paid using your Bizbee Wallet balance and/or Gift Cards will always be refunded into your Bizbee Wallet. This amount will show up under your Refunds balance.