Warranty Policy

  1. What warranty does Bizbee have for its products?

The warranty we offer differs from product to product, based on the materials used. Please refer the Warranty tab on individual product pages for warranty details.

This Warranty Covers All Manufacturing Faults and Defects. However, It Does Not Cover Wear and Tear Caused by Use, or Damage Caused by Accidents or Failure to Follow Care Instructions.

  1. How are my product warranties covered?

The product comes with a specified warranty for particular product on their product page which covers manufacturing defects.

This limited warranty does not apply to:

  • Small cuts, scratches, or damage during the cleaning process
  • Damaged caused by the incorrect installation of a product
  • Cracks during the random displacement
  • Product kept in contact to direct sunlight and water, resulting in decaying of product

There is no warranty on upholstery/ coverings/ cushion covers.

  1. What can I do if my product is damaged?

First off, apologies if that happens.

If you notice that you are facing issues with your product, please feel free to write to us at handle@bizbee.co.in.

We will file a complaint on your behalf and have our After Sales team call you.

In case your product(s) has crossed our warranty period, we can’t promise that we will replace or repair for you. However, do reach out to us and we’ll surely try to help as best as we can.

  1. In the Event Of Any Manufacturing Defect In Non-Upholstered Products (Any Defect Detected On The Product That Is A Result Of Poor Workmanship):
  • We ensure that our products are free from manufacturing defects however, in an unlikely event of a product being defective, we offer a one (1) year warranty against such manufacturing defect.
  • During the warranty period we undertake to exchange, repair, or refund through our gift vouchers, provided the same is subject to review, verification, and confirmation of the manufacturing defect in the faulty product by our quality control team.
  • The foregoing warranty shall not be treated as a rolling/continuing warranty and the products exchanged or repaired shall be covered only for the remainder of the original warranty period (i.e. the remainder of the actual 1 year warranty period).
  • Further, the exchange or repair of the faulty product is actioned by Bizbee at the original delivery address of the customer, which the customer provided during the purchase of the faulty product.
  • Bizbee agrees to honour the request of exchange, repair or refund of the faulty product provided the customer furnishes either the original invoice/bill or provides a copy/Xerox of the original invoice/bill thereby establishing proof of purchase of the faulty product.
  • No alteration or modification should have been made / carried out to / in the product/s, and the faulty product shall be in its original state for Bizbee to honour the request of exchange, repair or refund. Bizbee’s liability to exchange, repair or refund the product in case it is modified in any manner whatsoever by the customer shall cease upon such modification/s.
  • The response time at Bizbee for addressing any complaint raised by the customer is maximum 7 (seven) working days from the date of the complaint. Please note that during this period, the Bizbee personnel / representative shall duly inspect the product for resolution of the customer complaint.
  • The length of the warranty for the repaired or replaced product is equal to the remaining length of the original warranty of the product when it was purchased originally by the customer.
  • In case of the product being purchased from exhibition sales or from discounted sales, the product/s are considered to be bought by the customer on “bought as seen and liked” basis, therefore, Bizbee shall not entertain any requests for exchange, replacement or refund unless the product suffers from any manufacturing defect as per the opinion of Bizbee, and which compromises the structural integrity of the product.
  • It is understood that the products purchase from exhibition sales / discounted sales / clearance sales may carry minor finish blemishes or shop soiling; we offer no warranty against any manufacturing defect/s in the product.
  • Similarly, in case the goods/product is bought on more than 50% discount, the products would be considered “bought as seen and liked“ by the customer and there will be no warranty in case of manufacturing defects.
  • The warranty of any hardware spare parts and accessories like springs, rods, hooks, and nuts will not cover any warranty.
  1. Miscellaneous:
  • We always strive to maintain high quality standards and we continuously work towards improving them. We suggest you to please write to us on handle@bizbee.co.in should you desire to invoke the warranty on the products or if you are willing to share your feedback with us.
  • Bizbee’s liability is limited to the purchase price of the defective or non-compliant products and Bizbee shall, under no circumstances in any manner whatsoever, be held liable for any indirect damage/s, costs, expenses or financial losses suffered by you or a third party.
  • This warranty policy shall be effective from 1st October, 2020 and supersedes any and all previous policy/ies whether in written or oral form.
  1. Delivery and Transit Damage:
  • We design our packaging to be both environmentally friendly and strong! We test our boxes to ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation and delivery.
  • In the unfortunate event of the product being damaged during transportation, we will replace it within 48 (forty eight) hours of receiving a notification from you and a confirmation from our representative *(dependant on local availability, logistics; this excludes custom orders).
  1. Product Care

Soft Furnishings/Swings

  • Non-removable

In the unfortunate event of a spillage on non removeable upholstered products given the variety of treatments and type of stains, we recommend that you contact a cleaning professional to assist in the removal of the stain without damaging the fabric.

  • Removable

To keep your covers looking their best for as long as possible, we recommend dry cleaning for all of our removable soft furnishings. Some products can also be machine washed at 30°C if specified on the product.