Posted on September 18, 2018 in Digital Marketing

How is a Mobile Friendly Website Important for Your Business

Digital marketing is an often heard term in today’s world. Starting from a computer, this term has now come to encompass various other devices like mobile, specifically. The advent of the smart phone and further evolution of the digital marketing realm has ensured that we do everything on our phones - from shopping, to reading, to banking, socializing and so much more. The mobile phone actually increases your access to everything online even as it makes browsing that much more simpler. Plus, the simple fact is that you always have your phone with you which makes it easier to combine all your communication and other needs in this one device. So let us look into the fact that make a mobile friendly website, or a responsive website, an important aspect of your business. 

In the E-Commerce industry, most of the sales come from the mobile device. You just need to optimize your website for a mobile device. There are so many factors when it comes to optimization for a website like Responsive, CTA, Text and heading etc. Most of the people buy product/ services from there mobile devices. In India, almost fifty per cent person has a mobile phone with internet access. Out of those people 11Cr people buying online products. If you want to maximize your business revenue, you need to have a responsive website and mobile application for your business. Take a look at following points to understand what is Mobile friendly website and how this can help your business.

Search Trends: The way people search for things online has changed considerably. While chatting or browsing on social media, they may find something at a certain location or on the timeline of a business, which propels them to instantly call up a Google search. This may also happen during meetings when a quick voice search may follow a discussion. Given all these evolving search trends, Google requires you to have certain types of content that can cater to this device. The first step to do so is by creating a mobile friendly website so that people do not have to scroll sideways in order to reach a relevant spot on the screen - it should simply position the entire content on the screen of your phone. This is called a responsive design.  

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SEO Top Priority: Did you know that Google and other search engines give top priority to mobile friendly websites since most searches are now happening over the phone? So, in keeping with this finding, you would do well to create a website that optimally downloads and displays the content on a mobile screen. In fact, way back in 2015, Google has even changed its algorithms to put mobile friendly websites and voice search responses in its top ranking and priority list.

Faster and Easier Reach: With a mobile friendly website, you can reach and engage your customers in a fast and easy manner. Think about it this way - not all your customers will be carrying their laptops around at all times. In fact, most people do not even carry their tablets. So, everything mostly happens on the phone, especially in social settings where recommendations tend to fly heavy and fast. This is where your real engagement and conversion lies. So, you must make sure that you have a mobile friendly site or app that can open on a single tap. 

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Reputation Management: With a mobile friendly website, your reputation management is also taken care of in the sense that people come to your website and know that you mean business because that is the kind of presence you have built. In this way, you can cement your market status and ensure that your customer looks to you an authority in that niche.