We sell swings for weight carrying capacity of 150 kgs. smart beans swings can take up to 150 kgs. Different product cloth options such as Cotton and polyester are also available. Both the products have different colours with for than 15 options to select from. we are Giving these swings with free shipping all across India. We are the biggest manufacturer of swing in India. you will get a variety of with a combination of Adult, kids and material such as cotton, polyester, recron  etc.

Adults swing can be used as a swing for indoor as well as a swing for outdoor. Adults Hammock swing is made up of durable material. You can use this product as swings for kids, swing for adults, swings for babies, swing for garden.

At Bizbee store we are selling two brands which basically we own. the first brand is SMART BEANS swing and hammock. The second brand is Faburaa swings. Both are premium. The difference for both is an outer cloth material. where smart beans swing is made of cotton material cloth. wherein Faburaa swing is made of polyester cloth material. Both the products are filled with threaded mixed cotton which gives the highest comfort to the person sitting on it.

We are selling similar products for different age groups such as swings for teenagers and babies. You can go & check out it under categories such as kids and adults swings.

All of our products are pre-assembled meaning it does not require any assembly. they come along with necessary attachments. In case you need help in the purchase you can always contact via messenger. At the bottom you will see the messenger icon click it and drop us meesage. Someone from our team will solve all your queries.