Posted on June 1, 2019 in Digital Marketing

Tricks for Creating Conversion Driven Landing Pages

A dedicated landing page that is aligned with what people are looking for, and one that propels them to take action, is the key to succeed online. It could be any page or pages on your websites, even a home page for getting an email opt-in, showcasing deal and offer, promoting a product, or customers' testimonials. So every time you create it, use creativity, intelligence, and sensibility for landing page development with a right pitch for call to action.

The right landing page design strategy can make a huge difference in attracting potential and existing customers towards products or services you're offering. A good landing page definitely improves the conversion rate. Your CTA, which could be a text or a catchy button, or an image must be distinct from the offer. Further, the page should be SEO friendly, and responsive to be viewed on devices of any size. That's why taking landing page design and development services from a reputed web designing, and website development company is wiser.

The Rule of One: The best landing page is one that delivers one message, one offer, and one CTA per page. Whether it's a service or product, your landing page must focus on one core message/offer. There must be on super call in the form of an action button, which provides a clear path about what to do next.

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Digital Marketing company in pune

The 5 Second rule: It's a human tendency to get attracted to something that benefits them. That's why your landing page needs to communicate these three things clearly in just 5 seconds keeping in view the limited attention span of the people.

  • 1) What you're offering
  • 2) How it's going to help the people in solving their problems or fulfilling their needs
  • 3) How to avail it
Not only it has to happen in 5 seconds, but also at the top of the page without them scrolling down.

Key Benefits: Don't forget to incorporate key benefits in your landing page design. But be clear about the differences between benefits and features. Provide each benefit with a catchy headline followed by a short description. Use high-resolution icons or images to make it visually appealing. Since people have the habit of skimping than reading, the visuals will help grab their attention.

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A Short Strategic Video: A short video that shows how your customers' problems can be solved, how their lives could be better, and what they would miss by not availing the solution is a good strategy for creating a conversion-driven landing page. Try to narrate a story through the video in just 60 seconds and upload it on the landing page. The story needs to emphasize how the customer found you and how his/her life became happy after.

Social Proof People need proof about what you're saying or offering is genuine and authentic, and how that's helped someone in bettering their lives. To win their trust, use testimonials and case studies. Just don't go overboard in adding them. Also, use the real photos of the subjects.

Generate leads online
 Best Digital Marketing company in pune

Features: Say about those cool things that your product or service entailed. Demonstrate how the features will help your visitors and how they can avoid their miseries. Use bullets or checkmarks to list features.

If your website is getting lots of traffic, but there is no difference in the rate of conversion, contact Bizbee Technologies for landing page designing in Pune. Not only you will know which landing page type is apt for your product or service, but also a guarantee for attracting and converting visitors.