Website Design

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Static Website

Static website are majorly beneficial for small businesses. A static website consist of basic HTML and css Pages. At Bizbee, We Offer static website design as per customized needs. We consider giving maximum of 10 pages in a static websites. There is always confusion between static vs dynamic, we at bizbee understand pros and cons of the both.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is contains a structural layout whose content can be changed from databases. Where in it also consist of server side scripting to generate changing content. Now a days a having a dynamic website will always give you upper edge as the behaviour of website can be changed.

Website Revamp

Website revamp – Website are Face of the business. We at bizbee take up Websites that are old and not functionally proper and redesign them. We know current market trends and updates which can make your website look latest.


AMC (Annual maintenance contracts) – we at bizbee give you annual maintenance as well. Looking at the volume of changes to be made each month we also take annual maintenance contracts.

Landing Page Design

Landing page design – landing pages are designed to convert your visitors to leads and leads to prospective clients. Its an efficient way to showcase your product or service I simple single page. We at bizbee have created more than 100+ templates for landing page. We have experience more than 2 years of generating lading page and we can cater to your al landing page needs. Following are the benefit of the landing page.

E Commerce Website

Ecomerce websites – Ecommerce websites has changed the face how business functions now a days. All the ecommerce portals that are operating are doing exceptionally well for business owner by generating direct sales. We at bizbee, use Opencart plugin to develop ecommerce website of your need.