Posted on December 26, 2018 in Digital Marketing

Why Is Email Marketing Important For Your Business

When it comes to contacting 'n' number of customers and promoting products or services at one go, email marketing is the best option. With email marketing, you can send solicited emails to existing and prospective customers with one click. It is the least expensive, effective, and result-oriented marketing method that does wonders for any type of business. As a reputed email marketing company in Pune, we show you why email marketing is important for your business.

Some people saying Email Marketing is Dead. But it's actually not. Nowadays most of the people buy product/ services when they get service/ product emails from the business. With Email Marketing, you will remarket your customers if they bounce back, did not purchase from your website. You can find automated software likes Mailchimp, sonata which helps you to increase the conversion rate for your business. In the survey, we find out that you can convert 10- 30% of visitors to customers with Email Marketing. You just need to know how to write an effective Email copy which helps you to make more sales. To increase sales, you can use USP and CTA to your Emal copy. Take a look at the following blog to learn more.

Targeted Audience and maximum Reach: Email marketing is one way to target and reach customers by taking their consent. This mean you can email to only those who have asked for it. Since the email is asked, there is a high chance of it being read by the receivers. This improves the chances of conversion and generates sales as well. Moreover, you can send the same email to thousands of customers simultaneously.

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Cost-effective : Just compare the cost you have to bear going with traditional marketing methods. The expenses of creating banners, posters, and advertising on the radio and TV channels are simply unaffordable. You can steer clear of these heavy costs with a small investment in email marketing software, and send emails to thousands of customers at a time.

Measure the effects: No other marketing methods will allow you to measure effects better than email marketing. You can easily see what worked in your favour and what didn't. A reputed email marketing service company can provide detail statistics of your email marketing campaign to help you analyze customers' response or reaction.

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